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    FlikTrax is a carefully curated music library with a vast collection of artists and composers in all genres, styles and moods. Hundreds of tracks are added weekly after they've been reviewed for audio quality and then carefully meta-tagged to help you locate them. At FlikTrax, we know that finding the right track for your project isn't always a quick process, and for that reason, we provide helpful filters (Mood, Instrumentation, Vocal Type, BPM, Duration and Style) to narrow down your search and save you time!


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Our curated playlists are top tier tracks in popular categories and extremely helpful for those that need targeted tracks in a hurry.

Users can create their own Playlists of favourite tracks for future reference and use. In addition, our Video Sync Tool is a helpfull asset for users to upload raw video and quickly demo tracks in their playlist against the video. Just create a free account and both are free to access!
 For clients that take more than a handful of tracks per month, we offer convenient “direct access” which allows them to download a large number of monthly tracks for use at a dicounted monthly rate.

Integrated Music Pages

We love to partner with video based platforms to create customized music pages for their users. These pages are local to the client side and includes their unique brand, images, logo and text. We seamlessly integrate a user’s sign-in so that they can access the site to download music, create playlists, use the Video Sync tool and more.
Users can access these integrated pages using the full FlikTrax library, or streamlined “Playlist Pages” where we create specific categories and tracks that are appropriate to the platform’s needs. Both API and “white label” solutions are available. In addition to a vibrant new creative resource, this also becomes a great new revenue stream for the partner since we split a percentage of each license with them.

“Hit It Hard” Custom Music

Hit It Hard Custom Music is the elite custom music team born of the Fliktrax.com music library. A collective of award winning media composers who’s thousands of credits range from advertising (Audi, Nike, Microsoft, Playstation, Coca-Cola), film (Grinder, Rockaway) television (Authentic TV, CBS Sports, ESPN, Jupiter Entertainment, NBC Sports, Bravo) and animation (Frederator Network).

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FlikTrax Custom TV Library

FlikTrax’s “In House” custom music team provides tracks and cues for some of TV’s biggest production companies and networks. Find out how easy it is to get access to thousands of existing tracks and cues created specifically for TV in addition to quarterly boutique libraries, composed directly to your show’s specs and needs. Cutdowns, alt versions, audio stems and descriptive metadata are all included.