Custom Music For Television


Hit It Hard Custom Music operates a bit differently from the standard “static”, library options. We’ve composed music for over 500 TV programs. From non-scripted shows (Authentic TV, A&E, Bravo, Discovery) to hard hitting, dynamic sports programming (CBS Sports, Fox NFL, NBC Sports), compelling cable news (MSNBC, CNBC), “True Crime” and Mystery (Jupiter Entertainment, VICE), emotional programming (Lifetime, OWN) and many more.


Hit It Hard differentiates itself by working with TV production staff and editors to find exactly what type of cues are needed for particular programming. Cutdowns, Stems, Alt Versions, Tempo and Instrumentation are vital for a post production team to tell a visual story. We excel in providing those necessary options, as well as happily taking notes and direction to then make the changes to any existing tracks that are necessary. Music for picture is our passion and we treat any and every cue with the same high standard that we would give to a major recording release.


In addition to our custom team, your productions will have access to’s curated 50,000 track production library. Instead of you having to search through hundreds of tracks blindly, we offer an integrated music platform that holds both the composed tracks we create for you, as well as carefully selected Playlists of appropriate styles. These can be simple or more specialized to your requests.


You’re probably thinking we’ve been holding costs till the end right? Nope! Although we are flexible in terms of deal structures, our standard TV arrangement is that all tracks (including custom packages) are “gratis” (Free Use, *with the exception of Themes). We simply ask that Cue sheets be filled out with the provided Writer and Publishing information. In addition, since Fliktrax owns it’s own Publishing companies, we are happy to share 25% of Publishing royalties with your Production Company or Network.


Custom Music For Advertising

Impact. That’s any advertisement’s main objective. To reach, resonate with and persuade those on the other end. It’s difficult to overstate how important music is in this process. The right music can be the “magic powder” that connects image and message and elevates them both.


Fliktrax’s Hit It Hard Custom Music Team has the same mission as any creative team they work with, to make impact. With a collection of award winning industry veterans, abstract thinking young talent and passionate instrumentalists that breath life into every idea, the exact score to your vision is paramount.


Collectively, Hit It Hard artists have composed and performed music for hundreds of ads and campaigns for brands like Audi, Microsoft, Pepsi, Playstation, Nike, Chase, Jaguar and many more. We listen intently to what type of music you need and then create a variety of options. Any of these options can be altered, orchestrated, manipulated or connected. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.


HIH Partners

In partnering with one of America’s top studios and production staff, The Clubhouse in Rhinebeck, NY (who’s recent client list includes: Shawn Mendez, The Lumineers, The National, P-Funk, Living Colour and Natalie Merchant), Hit It Hard has the ability to capture live bands, horns, string sections, percussion groups and choirs. Real instruments, played by real players, in a real space.



Fliktrax ‘TV Pros/Hit It Hard’ 2019 Reel

Lay’s Canada Commercial with BBDO Toronto

"Grinder", Motion Picture Soundtrack

""The Healer" Head Composer


"Envato" Promo, Composer

"Barilla" Advertisment, Composer

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